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Pest control Miami is your ultimate weapon in contrast to bugs and rodents who want to attack your home. Stop where it is starting from before you see rodent droppings, cockroach debris. Even though some pests are detectable just like cockroaches, others—like termites, for starters—can keep unseen under floorboards and inside walls for years, eating away at the base of your home and afflicting up costly extermination and repair bills. It’s just one reason you need pest control. Need another—or another five?

For Everybody’s Health

Consider infections and diseases from rodents and bugs are a thing of the past? Think again. A lot of common household pests, such as rodents, ticks and mosquitos, carry dangerous viruses that can infect your family. Meanwhile there’s no way to know if a pest is carrying a disease until it’s too late, the best way to protect your home and family is with regular pest control.

It Destroy Valuables

Termites, carpenter ants, carpet beetles and silverfish are just a few of the creepy crawlies known for destroying household objects and can be the most difficult to detect. Silverfish, for example, are tiny little bugs that live off of organic fibres – like your favourite book, a photo album of the kids or all those boxes you’ve been keeping in storage. The same goes for termites – most termite infestations go unnoticed for years and, by the time it’s visible, ridding the infestation is the least of a property owner’s concerns.

Protect Your Food Services

Homeowners in Miami know how essential it is to keep pests and rodents away from food and other perishables.
Even the cleanest kitchens fight with cockroaches. You can’t afford to wait until it’s too late to block these disgusting intruders – it could cost your family’s health.

DIY isn’t enough

You would agree if I say that we all love a good DIY! However, keeping your home pest-free is as expected to fail. Over-the-counter pest control products are usually a trick, always worsening to meet the manufacturer’s assurances. As a replacement for of wasting money buying repetitive actions and subjecting your family to “bug bombs” and other ineffective products, invest in regular and efficient pest control.

Stress-Free is the Way to Be

Pests and rodents make everyone wretched. Not one person wants to wake up to cockroaches on the kitchen corners or moths eating their favourite blouse. There are times that the least pests are the most stressful, as anyone that’s practice a termite infestation will tell you.

Our Services


Pest Control? We are the Ultimate Solution!

We, East Coast Pest Control are your ultimate solution, a partner for a safer and cleaner home committing for a professional services! Why? Let us tell you how:

East Coast Pest Control has Pest managerial experience of over 30 years – can you believe that?! The years says it all- continuous trust from customers! We are able to solve your entire pest exterminating needs. If you are looking for the best Miami Pest Control company, we are the one! Being a full service exterminator company, we focus on interior and exterior pest-control for both residential and commercial properties. We have our highly trained and certified technicians can handle any pest problem you might be undergoing.

As we guarantee all of our work, you can trust that this means your pestering issues will be a thing of the past and all pests will be removed. We do not charge for call backs if a situation regarding the same problem arises. We guarantee our work 100% - commitment, dedication and passion. You can always rely on our expertise for a pest free living with East Coast Pest Control.

What Makes Us Different

We are more than just your usual Miami Pest Control company. Unparalleled to others, we don’t just make it our business but more important we protect it as if your home is ours – because


Unlike other pest control companies who love to offer countless promises, we standout through our actions. Being the leading name in this industry, we have always aim to successfully evict your pests through our customized solutions that never fail to meet the demands of each customer or clients who asked for our help. Our dedication for every job we take has established our reputation in providing you peace and comfort.
Guaranteed high quality service – that is what you can expect from us! After all, we are the experts in pest control!

Here are some of the general pest management services that can protect your workplace and home:

Termite Solution
Cockroach Solution
Rodent Solution
Bed Bug Solution
Mosquito Solution
Fly Solution
Ant Solution

Whether you are just renting a unit or already have your own place, you can live contentedly and be in control if you can free your mind from worrying any of these pests. Though you can make an effort in cleaning and maintaining your home, it is unavoidable to have conflicts on your schedule – giving a chance for dirt and pest to accumulate. Just because you don’t have enough time to clean is not enough excuse to allow any pesky visitors to take over your home. Let the experts handle it for you and the threat of infestations will be just a thing of the past!

Feel at Home while We Protect and Prevent Pest

Being the best Miami pest control company, we will keep your employees and customers safe during the procedure. Being a reputable pest control company, we have the knowledge about the pests, their nature, and more importantly what takes to effectively prevent them from mass-producing that can be a detrimental case for your property and even potentially risk your health.

You know how important it is to keep your house pest-free when you live in one. So never hesitate to ask for the assistance of a specialist! Let us show you how it is to prevent a wide variety of pests. We will protect your property, family, and home from harmful, damaging, and annoying pests, termites, rodents, and more! If you are currently experiencing any type of pests’ issues call our team!

Cockroaches in Miami, FL

Cockroaches are portrayed by different words, among the words used to depict them is that they are foul, and unpleasant. Also the appalling revolting life forms. They are around 4600 types of cockroaches however just 30 of this species live around people.

Indications of cockroaches in your home:

Egg packaging. Their long round fit as a fiddle they convey around 10-50 eggs. Fecal droppings-bugs look like little heaps of espresso ground of dark pepper. Scent a huge invasion of bugs delivers a sort of musky smell. For what reason are cockroaches difficult to murder? They can go multi-month without nourishment since they are heartless yet they can bite the dust in seven days even they don't approach the water. This makes cockroaches difficult to wipe out notwithstanding when the house is shining clean. They can hold their breath to enable them to manage their water misfortune. 

A one day bug can keep running as speedy as its parent in this way ready to escape risk. They live in a province so at whatever point you see one of them around your home realize that they are a considerable lot of them. Living respectively is encouraged by their capacity to leave trail wherever they go in this way making it simpler for them to locate one another.

Dissimilar to honey bees where just the ruler is the mother to every single other honey bee .any female bugs can bring forth numerous as even 15 cockroaches along these lines making it hard to destroy since they increase quicker. They can make due on anything around your home, in this way guaranteeing your house is perfect is one of the arrangement however this does not kill them in this way they are sickening when they are around you. A portion of the manners in which that you can use to execute bugs. Boric corrosive and sugar. The sugar serve as an enticement pulling in the insects while the boric corrosive fill in as toxin drying the exoskeleton. Cucumbers are phenomenal insect anti-agents and are shoddy non lethal and natural method for disposing of the vermin. Take a cucumber and cut into pieces and keep in the territory of uinfestation.

Ants in Miami, FL

The most effective method to distinguish regular insect perversion. Forager are available. This is the place you discover they are laborer ants which have an obligation of discovering nourishment for the whole province. Saw dust like material known as frass . Instructions to execute a house subterranean insect simple and quick. Ants for the most part love sugary sustenance subsequently it regards put some example nourishment in a area where you can undoubtedly observe them.

Ants live in province and in this way they don't expend whatever they get rather they take it back to sustain the settlement. To execute them quick you may utilize a few pesticides and splash to regions that they show up, around the edges of the corner, kitchen breaks and cleft . Another basic method to slaughter insect is to include bubbling water in a compartment blend with the sugar, nectar and include fine pesticides. Blend the arrangement by the utilization of a spoon to ensure you break down the arrangement totally. Move the arrangement in a hand held container sprayer and shower their inception. The purpose behind including sugar and nectar is on account of subterranean insect like sugary sustenance.

Bee Removal In Miami, FL

East Coast Pest Control offers bee removal in Dade County.

Find out today how you can ward off the pesky pests with the #1 Pest Exterminator Miami! Schedule for an appointment and take advantage of free inspection with guaranteed satisfactory results!

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