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We have qualified Pest managerial experience of over 30 years. We are able to solve all of your pest exterminating needs. Being a full-service exterminator company, we specialize in interior and exterior pest-control for both residential and commercial properties. Our highly trained and certified technicians can handle any pest problem you might be experiencing. We also offer pest control Coral Gables, Homestead, Kendall, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach!

Since we guarantee all of our work, you can rest assured this means your pestering issues will be a thing of the past and all pests will be eliminated. We do not charge for callbacks if a situation regarding the same problem arises. We guarantee our work 100%. You can rely on our expertise and dedicate for a pest-free living with East Coast Pest Control. Take care of the Miami Cockroach TODAY!

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Pest Control in Fort Lauderdale has been our passion for several decades. The pest problem here in south Florida can be devastating to outdoor activities, but the guys at East Coast Pest Control is the bug control company of many. We address even Mice Control Miami!!

Our Fort Lauderdale exterminators team is well equipped to handle all your rodent control and pest control needs. We have proven track records of our pest control methods. Ask us about our tentless termite treatments!!! Do you need Pest Control Port St Lucie?

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Termites in Fort Lauderdale Florida


Termite control near you in South Florida just a phone call away. We offer free termite inspections in your home. Termite control is vital to keeping your termite treatment/ repair bill low. Termites can destroy your home in just a few months. Our team is experienced and well equipped to deal with an invasion of termites. These infestations, once developed, can not be treated with Do It Yourself Pest Control. We offer both tentless termite treatments as well as full home fumigation solutions! Our target pest control Miami allows us to deal with the extreme tentless termite treatments effectiveness! Tentless Termite control is available in any location thanks to new chemcials and treatments!

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Bed Bugs Fort Lauderdale Florida


The infestation of Bed Bugs Pompano Beach usually comes from travelers using hotel and motel accommodations. Spotting and treating these pesty insects is a job only for professionals. If you own commercial property and you are suspecting bed bugs, please call us (954) 924-2471 immediately so we can address this issue. If you own a property that is rented for accommodations and you have bed bugs you might be legally inclined to rid these pests and ensure the bed bugs exterminator has done his job before you are able to re-rent that space. Bed Bugs Miami is a HUGE issue that we address in a lot of the hotels guest from out of town might be staying in! We are the All Dade Exterminators that you can rely on!

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Furthermore, gaining a reputation of having bed bugs will destroy any AirBnB resort. Bed Bugs are highly active and can make their way to your home by you just laying on an infected surface. It is important to hire a professional to rid your property of bed bugs. How much does Bed Bug exterminator cost? Well, surely not as much as your reputation is worth. Call us TODAY and Save $20 on the first treatment. We treat a lot of Bed Bugs pest control Homestead Fl as well!! Call us the monster pest control experts, here to rid your living spaces of pest forever!

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professional Fort Lauderdale pest controlWhy is pest control important for health and ecology?

Every country in the whole world has been at war fighting pests for long. The term pest refers to harmful animals which are detrimental to the ecology and health of the human being. Pests can also be weeds, fungi, and organisms. Before knowing the means of controlling the pests, you need to know the common pests that you need to fight with pests. Believe it or not, there is a lot of Australian roach issues in our area...

Caterpillars are pests that cause damages to plants. Termites are pests that damage structures like furniture. Cockroaches, ants, flies,  Australian roach, and wasps are also pests. You cannot forget eliminating bed bugs and mosquitoes. Rodents, rats, and other mammals will not just cause infections but also act as carriers of diseases. Birds like seagulls, crows, and pigeons are also in the class of pests when their population increases because they pose more damage than good. Are spiny orb weaver spiders poisonous? Fortunately, their fangs are far too small to hurt you!



termite fumigation miamiFort Lauderdale Pest Control has been part and parcel of the evolution of man since a balance needs to be maintained. So as to improve the output of agriculture, you need to keep pests away from fields and protect crops. This is always seen where human activity is and insects like food flies gather. A public location where people dispose and throw waste is also a common ground for pests.

There are various methods and types of pest control used today and they include;

To do pest control from being visitors or inmates in the home, it is good to keep the survival source and attraction away. Close the trash and keep food closed. On a large perspective, proper drainage system and waste management are crucial. Garbage is a breeding ground for the majority of these pests. Dogs, cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes, cats, and other pests will be around the home if there is garbage in the neighborhood. Around restaurants, we treat a lot of Rat control Miami as well as rat control Fort Lauderdale with no exception to the rat control West Palm Beach!

Today, ultrasound and electronic devices are available for use for home pest control. After utilizing chemicals to control pests, today pest control has technology devices that control pests for your house. You need to understand that electronic devices are not killers of the pest. They only drive them away or keep them far from the home. Our tentless termite treatment Miami allows us to treat high rise buildings for termites very effectively and efficiently! For those homes, tent fumigation Miami appears to be the most effective way to deep treatment for termites!

These devices utilize UV rays, ultrasound waves, electromagnetic waves, and much more to keel flies and pests away. They are commonly used in places like hotels, restaurants, and food stalls, where pests easily get attracted. Electronic gadgets are effective in these areas. Even spiders, bats, and birds get scared away by these devices. There are also rodent pest controllers that trap rodents and rats. We are the leading rat exterminator Miami and we stand proud by our service!

Pest control is crucial. The commonly transmitted diseases to humans from pests include hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, rat fever, swine flu, bird flu, leptospirosis, murine typhus, and much more. Have you heard of frog eyed grass fungus? We treat this frog eyed grass fungus with the most cutting edge science!!

Concerns about health and environment issues rose consciousness and the use of products that are chemical free are available ranging from home remedies, medicines, insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Many businesses and consumers are using natural products because it is safe and its demand and popularity is on the increase. Non toxic termite treatment is very popular with a lot of our natural home owners. No more ROACH MONSTER!!!

Today, institutions and businesses like selling organic and natural products cannot meet the increased demand from customers. Our orb weavers exterminator calls are very frequant as the orb weaver spider is a large and very distrubing spider. Have no fear as the weavers exterminators are here! Miami Pest Control.

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