Termite Control Fort Lauderdale

Termite Control Fort Lauderdale

Conquering Termite Infestations in Fort Lauderdale Florida

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Fort Lauderdale weather is sensational, and one of the main reasons folks relocate or decide to call it home. Our hot, humid climate is not just a drawing card for people, however, as these elements are the ideal breeding ground for termites. Termites can cause more damage to homeowners than floods, fires, and hurricanes combined. 

If you require the number one pest control experts in Fort Lauderdale, you will find it in the superior service and minute attention to detail offered by East Coast Pest Control Our exceptionally trained professionals have handled countless termite infestations for Fort Lauderdale, Florida homeowners. They have organized a list of telltale signs and how to eliminate termite infestations in your home.

Fort Lauderdale Termites and Where to Find Them

There are three primary culprits in Florida, but the most common in Fort Lauderdale is the Formosan Subterranean, Florida Dampwood, and West Indian Drywood termite all bent on destruction and instilling chaos on the structure of your home. Left unmanaged, termites can make quick work of creating structural issues in your Fort Lauderdale home. Diligent and routine investigations of your home could potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars. The professionals at East Coast Pest Control suggest you examine crawl spaces, foundations,  and attics regularly. Outside your home, check for holes in concrete, old tree stumps, mud tubes, window sills, and door frames. 

By maintaining a property exempt of excessive mulch, firewood, or old tree stumps as these are ideal living conditions for Fort Lauderdale Florida termites. These crafty pests will quickly move from their outdoor sanctuary into the more secure environment of your home. If you suspect infestations and do not wish to employ DIY measures, contact the pest specialists at East Coast Pest Control to eliminate the issue.

What to Look For When Conducting an Inspection of your Home and Preventative Measures

When conducting your inspection, look for small, hard oval 'droppings' called frass, which equates to termite feces. The more they chew, the more they create. If you observe frass, you have a problem and should reach out to the number one pest control services at Pro Control Management Services. Cracked paint, hollow-sounding wood, and piles of little wings are also telltale signs that a termite infestation may be present.

As a homeowner, there are several DIY methods you can employ to address or prevent termite infestations. Utilize bait stations such as cardboard or wood laced with poisonous termite bait. Orange oil works well as a preventative measure if sprayed directly on colonies. Pouring boiling water on settlements found underground or liquid repellent may also alleviate the invasion.

At Pro Management Control Services, we appreciate that the majority of Fort Lauderdale homeowners don't want to risk a termite infestation. We offer scheduled maintenance packages in addition to full-service termite eradication. Our experts are trained to eliminate and protect your home from Florida termites. 

Why You Need Termite Treatment

East Coast Pest Control takes pride in their ability to handle any termite infestation. Dedicated to helping Fort Lauderdale homeowners maintain a termite-free home if you believe you have a termite epidemic, you need to call us today.

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