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What is pre-construction termite treatment? Particularly, in many states in America, before a commercial or residential building in being built, treat the soil with a termite barrier prior to pouring of concrete. It is the law in the State of Florida to do a Soil Pre Treatment. This treatment is a huge preventative measure gets to potentially protect all new build structures from the Subterranean Termite infestations that destroy so many structures in Florida yearly.

Moreover, the treatment is a requirement of the Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control. After construction, we recommended to re-treat the perimeter of the new structure every five years.

Who needs this pre-construction termite treatment service?

All general contractors, shell contractors, and Concrete companies that will be building brand new structures in the beautiful State of Florida. And also, architectural firms that create the plans for the new buildings of structure throughout state.

Who can complete Soil Pre Treatment?

Only companies with a Termite Category Commercial Pesticide Applicator license in the State of Florida can perform this termite treatment with a truck equipped with 100-gallon or large spray rig, like East Coast Pest Control. In Additional expert experience requires to accomodate tight time frames and ensure proper treatments through multiple conrete pours seen with commercial builds.

What involves in pre-construction termite treatment service?

The preventive pre-build termite's treatment requires laying 1/10th gallon of residual termiticide formula per square foot of soil just before the concrete pours. East Cost Pest Control uses a large tank truck and a power spray equipment. The mix of water and concentrated termiticide, Sprayed onto the soil and then the concrete slab pours while continuing to inject the mixture into the foundation wall and footer. And then all gradients of the ground, plumbing, and structure fixtures first be complete. Also, a minimum temp of 45*F for 6hr with a low wind speed of 10mph is the required atmosphere to properly mix and apply the termite treatment. Larger jobs take several separate pours and the treatment for these dry wood termites. It's processing with the 24hr of each pour.

What are the pre-construction termite treatment options available today?

The method East Coast Pest Control primarily use a residual liquid formulation which is applied directly to the soil, but there is a more expensive yet equally effective option called "baiting." Both treatments achieve the same preventative results.

What are the risks involved in this pre-construction termite treatment service?

Simply weather delays and deadlines. The process is simple and mastered by our technicians. Drift from wind can cause material translocation. An over/under application of material is possible but rare with our professionals. Sometimes in wet areas, the leaching of materials through the soil to non-targeted areas can dilute formulation.

Where can East Coast Pest Control perform this commercial pre-construction termite treatment service?

EC Pest Control, fully licensed to operate in all counties of the State of Florida.

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