How To Do Your Own Pest Control Against Termites?

Do Your Own Pest Control – Can You?

Termite infestation can happen anywhere as long as there are wooden materials in an area and there is an available source of its species. These termites feed on many wooden materials especially the ones exposed for their access. They can be very harmful since they can destroy your pieces of furniture and even your house.

Nevertheless, some people cannot afford to have pest control services for their houses. However, there are in need to have pest control measures for their termite problem. Homeowners can solve the problem on their own but there may be cases that they might need pest control Miami professionals for their infestation problem.

Termite House Remedies

House Tenting

As the name implies, your house would be tented and sprayed with gas. With this method, termites in your home will be gone, but it is still an expensive method. House tenting can also require effort in setting up your treatment procedures.

Tentless Termite Treatment

Compared to the former method, Tentless Termite Treatment is easier to do. You do not need to set up your home and leave it for the treatment. Homeowners will only need to apply effective chemicals in all affected places and attic to eradicate those termites Miami.

Spot Termite Treatment

Spot Termite Treatment is for large-scale pest remedy. You only need to specifically apply pest control chemicals in affected areas and your problem is gone.

Bait and Barrier Termite Treatment

In case you want a more strategic way to exterminate termites, you can have bait and barrier termite treatment for your home. You have to set up a target area to lure termites. Once you confirmed the termite colony infested the area, you can now apply your termiticides.

Non-Fumigation Heating Treatments

This treatment is similar to the first one, but the only difference is the application of heat instead of chemicals. You need to set up your house and make it durable for this method. Then, you can apply heat to kill those termites.

Pest Control Guide: Understanding Fascinating Abilities of Roaches

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests wreaking havoc at both residential and commercial setting. No matter how much effort we put on cleaning our homes or commercial buildings, they just have their own way of reasoning to stay and pester us. Though they are tiny, they are one of the big threats in our desired peaceful and happy life.

Almost everyone will surely agree on how they can be an extra burden of stress. They are unpleasant pests which can be detrimental to our health as they are a carrier of germs and other bacteria causing some serious illness. They wander everywhere they can live, multiply and survive. They can be usually found living at slam areas and hiding underneath our trash or garbage sites.
No one is actually exempted from suffering cockroach attacks. We can indeed try buying various brands of products that seem to promise "instant-kill" to any roach-infested areas. But no matter how much you invested in these products or even try natural ways to kill a cockroach, nothing is better than hiring professional pest control service. Why? It is simply because they are the specialists in this field and the one who knows best on handling such pesky pest. But while you at it, there's no harm in trying to understand roaches.
Knowing more about roaches may give us a hint on how we can prevent them from spreading further. You might be unknowingly doing the things that unintentionally invite these pests to your home or your business space. So let us share you some fascinating facts about their nature and some preventive tips to secure you against them.

Secrets of Roaches Revealed!

Did you know that a cockroach can live for one more week even they're already headless?


Yes, it is true! Fascinating it may sound, but roaches have the innate power to live even without its head. It is with the help of the tiny holes in their body wherein they can breathe aside from their mouths. This is called "Open Circulatory System". The only thing that could be a weakness once they lose their heads is dying due to lack of water. Without a head and a mouth, it can't drink thus lose the ability to quench their thirst.

Did you know that roaches have a record of holding their breath for about half an hour or up to 40 minutes?

It is another innate ability for the cockroaches to hold their breath and be able to survive even they are submerged underwater. They often hold their breath in order to regulate their loss of water. But in terms of temperature, they can potentially be killed when they submerged at a temperature range they cannot survive; which is at above 115° F to 120° F. That is why it is possible to eradicate roaches through heat.

Did you know that a cockroach can run up to three miles in an hour?


If there would be a race among all kinds of pests, roaches won't easily give up the title of being one of the fast runners. These sneaky roaches have the innate ability of speed and you can surely see that as they scurry away in such a quick manner; making it harder for us to catch them. What's even amazing is that when they run at full speed, just like human sprinters, they rear up their hind legs making it possible for them to bolt away. Plus once they are surprised, they can run at up to fifty body lengths per second which is equivalent to the record of hundred miles per hour in terms of human speed. So it is easy for them to spread germs and viruses fast!

Did you know that a "one-day old" cockroach can already run as fast as its' parent?

Yes, it is true. Even though the new-borns are about the size of a speck of dust, they can actually run almost at the same level of speed as their parents. Quite creepy once you've imagined, but it is undeniably a scary fact.

Did you know that cockroaches have a prevalent population? Or what type of roaches is the most common?

Cockroaches are widespread and are more than 4,000 species worldwide. The most common of them all is the Brownbanded cockroach, American cockroach and the one who snagged the top spot is the German cockroach. The most abundant kind of roaches in the US is the German cockroach which seems to evolve over time as they become even harder to kill.

These are just a few facts about cockroaches and there are so many other fascinating yet scary secrets we'll share with you on our next blog. But when it comes to dealing any kind of roaches, no one better than East Coast Pest Control!
If you're looking for the #1 Florida Pest Control that provides guaranteed high-quality service at the most affordable rates, then let the experts from EC Pest Control handle your pest problems. You don't have to settle for less just because you think you can't afford the best and finest service. Our customized pest control and fertilization programs are strategically designed to deliver powerfully effective techniques that will surely scare the pest away! You don't have to worry about roaches or any other pests because your home or commercial space is secured with our capable hands.

We understand how it may seem hard to put your trust especially when you've had experience service that is truly upsetting. But with us, there are no empty promises or false hope because we'll never let you down just like other companies. What we give is not just an ordinary pest preventive program. What makes us stand out is our honest service that truly cares for you and your home and the welfare of our other commercial properties. Your trust is highly valued! After all, that is how the experts work!
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Signs of Rodent Infestations

carpet beetles
  • Droppings – One obvious sign that your home was infested by rodents is rodent droppings. Mice droppings are usually small, dark brown, with pointed ends but they vary in shape depending on the type of rat. Upon cleaning droppings, ensure to use gloves and a mask.


  • Tracks –  Are you frequently spotting tiny rodent footprints? These tracks are another obvious sign of rodent infestation. If you are seeing a lot better contact a professional pest control service to exterminate these pests.


  • Holes – Mice and rats can gnaw small holes in thin walls or other materials in order to create new entry points and ways to get around your home. Do not let them tear down your home and instead take action now!


  • Allergies – Rodents crawl everywhere and they carry diseases. And sometimes, they can trigger allergies. In fact, their fur and droppings can actually cause allergic reactions in some people. Make your home allergy-free by making it pest-free.


  • Grease Marks – Seeing lots of grease marks on your kitchen? These grease marks are often caused by rodents’ fur. So, start searching for unexplained marks like this to see if your home is infested by rodents.


  • Noise – Do you hear lots of scampering, gnawing noises, and scratching? Well, it’s a sign of rodent infestation. So, if you are hearing noises in your attics, ceilings, and the inside walls, there’s no doubt you have rodents in your house.


These are some signs that your house is infested by these pests. Do not wait for them to take over and ruin your beautiful home. Keep your family safe and away from them and start making a move to exterminate them now! If you are having a hard time exterminating these pests, contact a professional pest control service.


Learning Effective Pest Control Tips from the Best Pest Control Miami Experts


Learning Effective Pest Control Tips

How confident are you when it comes to the safety of your home? Most people say that their home is their safest haven and the only place they can truly be at home. But do not be too lenient in safeguarding your house because there might be unwanted guest freeloading at your residence without you noticing their presence. Who could it be? No need to make hard guesses because for years, many people have complained and feared having pests at their houses; and yours could be their next target.

You’ll never know when an accident or a calamity may strike and that same goes for pest trying to take over your home. So if you are wondering how you can avoid experiencing pest problems, then it is important to know the effective ways on how to detect common pests such as rodents, bugs, ants, roaches and any other creepy crawlies. Get the necessary knowledge and know-hows you must do in order to control and prevent them for further infiltrating your house.  After all, your idea of ideal haven and dream house would be a place that is clean, beautiful and definitely free of any kind of pest!

Secrets on How to Spot and Get Rid of Pest – Know it all from the #1 Pest Control Miami Professionals!

Rely only on the best and the leading pest control professionals who sincerely care for you and your home. So before you get so proud of the cleanliness of your current house, why not let the professionals have a look for any potential pest issues. Plus it is your best bet in order to truly identify a house to be free of pest before you get excited on buying it. Why so? Simply because during an open house, it isn’t easy to thoroughly scan and check the house for any critters that might be hiding. What’s more is you get to prevent future financial loses and regrets of having to take care pest issues later on.  So check out these easy pest control tips and handy telltale signs of vermin!

  • Utilize all of your senses, that is what is your greatest weapon against pest. Use your eyes to check for droppings, grease, dirt, mud tunnels and of course visible clusters of termites. Small holes are commonly gateway for rodents’ nest or secret lair of bugs and insects so make sure to check any dark crevices too. Use your ears to hear any potential scratching noises or squeaky sounds. Use your innate sense of feeling the aura of your house because paying attention on how stuffy it may feel inside your home means that such humidity may also attract rodents and other pests.
  • Make sure to keep your gutters clean, no cluttered storage areas, cap your chimney as well as keep your weather-stripping in good condition and working order. It is also a great help to repair torn screens and any of your window nets that will serve as barrier against mosquitos. You also have to pay attention to any wood at your house, whether it is furniture or your flooring. It also applies to your firewood (which is generally a magnet for pests) and is in fact advisable to be stored for at least 20 feet away from your home.
  • Never get tired of cleaning every nook and cranny of the house; that includes dryer vents too! You have to check that the seal between the wall and the vent is properly secured tight. Cleaning also pertains to maintaining everything in order which includes trimming your plants as well! Simple chores like cleaning up your animal feces particular your adorable pets at home and even closing trash cans can be a good help in reducing the chances of pests.
  • There are also DIY solutions like making your very own repellant spray! You can try mixing eucalyptus, clove, lavender and peppermint oil to make your own version of dust mite repellant spray. On the other hand, you can try mixing 1 part of vinegar and add 3 parts of water to create a special spray that can eliminate ant trails. You can also try trapping fruit flies by pouring apple cider vinegar to a bowl covered with plastic wrap with holes that can potential trap any pesky flies into the bowl.

These tips are quite easy and handy right? But do you wish to know what the best effective way to be free from pest problem? Why not let EC Pest Control take on the job! Rest assured, you can be confident with the safety and cleanliness of your home. Be pest-free and experience an incomparable pest control Miami service – in the most affordable rates! Check our service page to know more and contact us to avail our free quote.

Your Trusted Pest Control Company

pest control boca raton

A house is a valuable asset and also an investment in life. But how confident are you in terms of its’ actual value? We’re not talking about the price or how much money you’ve spent in acquiring the property but we’re about to discuss the overall condition of your home. After all, it is also your safest haven.

Surely you would choose a place that is undeniably clean and safe. Can you sleep soundly even you know that there is a certain part of the house that requires your attention? It is utterly impossibly to ignore rodents feasting at your kitchen, stinky bugs, creepy crawlies, earwigs, moths hiding at your closets and other pest infestations. Don’t let them invade your house. Never give them a chance to pass through your watchful eyes, wreck your home and bring risks to your family’s health. Choose only the best and most reputable Pest Control Boca Raton Company, the EC Pest Control!

What Makes us the #1 Pest Control Boca Raton Experts

Tired of having second-rate pest control service? Time to end your worries and don’t let yourself be left out in experiencing the high-quality workmanship with 100% guaranteed satisfying results! Seems like it’s too good to be true? Actually it is possible if you’ve got us by your side!

EC Pest Control Boca Raton Company has been servicing homeowners and various commercial businesses over the years. Since the day it has been established, we have handled all kinds of pest problems both on residential and commercial settings. With our unparalleled experience, we have been the leading and most trusted name in this industry for the entire Boca Raton area. Our reputation and belief in a clean, safe and pest-free neighborhood makes us the #1 choice by many.  

Specializing in crafting strategically-designed solutions, you can expect the most efficient methods and techniques that are ideally fit to your pest problems. Utilizing the latest equipment and advanced technologies, we will drive those pests away and cater to your needs.

Our general service covers the following:

  • Termite Solution
  • Cockroach Solution
  • Rodent Solution
  • Bed Bug Solution
  • Mosquito Solution
  • Fly Solution
  • Ant Solution

Let us know the insects that you want to get rid out of your homes and we’ll do the rest. Our approach is flexible for every home. We’ll find the root cause of the pest and termite invasion. We also use green and environment-friendly products that are proven and tested safe. With our team of experts, you can be assured that your home is in good hands. Each of our staff and technicians are not just certified professionals but are also backed up with incomparable experience and extensive knowledge. Choose from our wide-range service options that are very ideally flexible with your most convenient time and price rates you can afford!

You can count on EC Pest Control. We will protect your home like our very own. Don’t let the pests rule over your home. With our service, we’ll bring back the confidence and happiness. So let the ultimate pest control service manage your worries! Plus you can reach us 24/7 as we are always ready to assist you with excellent customer service. Take advantage of our free estimate and free quotation. Make an appointment today to get the happiness and pest-free assurance you deserve. Contact us now!