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Our professional pest control team prides pride in having some of most excellent East Coast bed bug professionals. Recently, our company has been managing with the increase in East Coast bed bug infestations. We are not exactly certain why is there a rise of bed bugs in East Coast, but our team believe that it could be due to the growth exchanging of used or old furniture and proximity of living quarters.

We think all of us can all agree that bed bugs are definitely disgusting and nobody wants them in our home. Unlike spiders, which are harmless, bed bugs are not something that we can just disregard. While you are sleeping, bed bugs go out to feed on you. These bed bugs feed on us by piercing our skin by a stylet. Bed bugs use their stylet, which comprises of small teeth, to saw or cut throught the tissue for them to find blood vessels. A bed bug commonly feeds on a human for five (5) minutes before going back to its hiding spot. The surface where a bed bug have fed will typically itch and swell. The bite of bed bugs are not that fun to have - it is intensely painful.

East Coast bed bugs are extremely good at hiding so it may be harder for you to notice them for a while. Bed bugs usually hide in small crevices, like your mattress seams, and only go or come out at night. In many cases, people don't understand they have a bed bug issue until they have been attached during sleep. Furthermore, if you notice fecal spots or blood on your bedsheets, immediately call us.
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