What kind of pests insects are in Miami?

What kind of pests insects are in Miami?


Florida is a state that attracts a lot of people. An increasing number of Americans settle there. Millions of tourists visit Miami every year. But it isn’t only attracting people. Insects love the sun and the lush nature of Florida as well. No wonder – the warm climate and high air humidity attract more than 10,000 different species. 


Some of them are useful for the environment in some ways. Others prefer biting people or eating things we wouldn’t want them to eat. It is both annoying and unhealthy to live in such conditions. Pests are potential carriers of viruses that can affect human health.


Are you recognizing yourself in this situation? Then EC Pest Control has some good news. Keep reading to find out.


Types of Pests in Miami

It is impossible to list all types of pests in Miami, so here’s a list of those that are now considered as most common:


  • Bed bugs
  • Mosquitoes
  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Rodents
  • Silverfish
  • Fleas

What You Should Know About Miami Pest Control


There are many misconceptions and wrong ideas about the use of Miami Pest Control. Here are examples of things you should remember when dealing with pests invasion.


  1. You shouldn’t wait too long before you get your home inspected for pest problems. Pests multiply very fast, and if you see one there are a lot more still hiding.
  2. If you have one type of pest, it is likely that your property is a great home for other types of pests.
  3. All methods of pest control are not equally good. Professional pest control companies should have a certificate.

Why is it important to hire an exterminator in Miami?

No self-administered product is as good as a professional pest exterminator in Miami.

No matter how much spray you diffuse in your house, it’s not going to stop the spread of these small animals. Trying to fight the ones you see won’t move the whole colony from your property. Only a professional has a sharp enough eye to locate the epicenter. Besides, buying a spray without an expert’s opinion is like buying a drug without a doctor’s prescription. Some chemicals can have side effects on our health, and we can even make the situation worse. Remember that most of them contain poison. Some may need special equipment, which professionals have and know how to use.

To find the best exterminator, you have to do your homework. You need a licensed and insured company. It is also important to find a company that uses non-toxic treatments for the sake of your children and pets. The protection of the environment is also worth thinking of. Today, a good exterminator uses green methods to get rid of your pests.


EC Pest Control is a Must-have For All Miami Residents

If you are still looking for the right method to fight pests, do not waste your time anymore. Call EC Pest Control and talk about your problem. Experts will give you a miracle solution that is both effective and non-toxic. Say bye to pests!


Treating Coachroaches in Miami

Treating Coachroaches in Miami

Author Bob Levak

Commercial pests are a particularly irritating problem. Not only do you lose money for treatments. But you also lose money because your business is somehow disturbed. What makes commercial pest control so difficult? It is the fact that you can’t close your business to remedy the problem.


Spotting a cockroach during daytime can be a sign of a large infestation. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects. If their spot gets too crowded, they may go out in broad daylight. This can cost you your reputation and you might lose important clients. Even your employees may refuse to work under such conditions.


EC Pest Control helps slowing down the spread of cockroaches in Miami.

Cockroaches in Miami are a Threat to Food Security

Cockroaches in Miami are generally introduced into restaurants through deliveries. Some species can travel from one building to another through sewer pipes and drains. Once inside a building, they can survive as long as they have access to water and food. They reproduce fast and thrive in humid wall cracks.

Those pests have the ability to contaminate food. This can have important implications from a food safety perspective. But the damage has further consequences. The brand reputation is at stake, and the profits can fall down very fast. The detection of pests during official controls can lead to closing the restaurant. For many businesses, this situation might lead to bankruptcy.

Restaurant Pest Control Measures

There are several measures for Restaurant Pest Control that you could put in place:

  • Inspection of incoming goods: Check each delivery for pests. Reject deliveries that show obvious signs of contamination.
  • Structural changes: Plug holes and cracks where pests could enter. Ensure that seals and door screens are in good condition to keep pests out.
  • Hygiene: Limit pest access to water and food. Clean up spilled food, grease, and other debris from all surfaces. Keep garbage storage areas in good repair. Repair leaking faucets and pipes, and clean up drains.
  • Notify EC Pest Control: A team of professionals will find a solution adapted to your case. They have the knowledge to slow down and prevent further spread of pests.

Home-made Recipes for Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control can be also seen through a home lense.

Remedy for Cockroaches:

  1. Fill three-quarters of a container with boric acid.
  2. Fill the remaining quarter with icing sugar.
  3. Once your mixture is ready, spread it on dark, damp surfaces.

Natural bug removal:

  1. Mix clove, cinnamon, tea tree or lavender essential oils with water.
  2. Apply the mixture to your furniture, curtains, and other surfaces.

Ant removal strategy:

  1. As with cockroaches, mix boric acid with sugar.
  2. Spread pieces of clove, coffee, paprika, cinnamon or peppermint around the infected areas.

For those methods to work, you have to show patience and persistence. If the infection gets out of control you should not rely on them. Instead, call EC Pest Control at 954-924-2471. Let your professionals handle your pest problems.

Miami Pest Control Experts

Miami Pest Control Experts


Parasites can appear in any location. Whether it is in your home, garden, workplace, or even your factory. This can create a lot of damage and disruption. You want to rid your home or workplace of these nuisances? The best solution is to seek the help of a Miami pest control agency

Their involvement can deal with your pest problems with professionalism. 

  1. Professionals are able to identify infested areas in a very accurate way. 
  2. They will also find out what type of insects are present. This includes fleas, bees, termites, ants, or even rodent removal. 
  3. Getting rid of the pests is their job. They will share all their knowledge with you.
  4. Their long-lasting solution prevents pests from coming back in the future. This is necessary to ensure a healthy living environment. 

Reasons to Hire a Commercial Pest Control Company


Miami pest control experts use the latest techniques and modern equipment. Contacting them is a better idea than going into this kind of war on your own. They are better able to deal with the situation than you are. The experts use very powerful chemical sprayers. Their products are safe and inoffensive. You don’t have to worry about your children or pets’ health. They approach your case on an individual basis while taking a global approach at the same time. Their precious advice enables you to combat recurrences in the future. Even though they will always be at your service. By locating the exact infected area, you will know which areas need extra attention. You can even organize renovation work in these particular areas. No need to sell your home. 


Types of Pest Seen in Florida


Different types of pests create different types of threats to humans. Regardless of their size, all can cause significant damage. But some species are more dangerous than others. Not all pests have the same influence on our health. Some species can also be more devastating to our property than others. Take some time to learn about the dangers that may affect you depending on your region. Miami pest control experts can help you target your problem with customized solutions.

The most common pest is the insect. There are many different types of insects, but the most dangerous are those that feed on your blood. A toxic substance is then spread to all your organs. It contains germs and bacteria that can endanger your health. The micro-pests you should expect in Florida are:


  • Cimex lectularius
  • Cimex Hemipterus
  • Leptocimex Boueti

Miami Pest Control Agency: Call Now!


EC Pest Control has licenses and certificates granted by the government itself. This ensures the quality of the company’s work. EC Pest Control sends its experts to restaurants, food outlets or hotels. They make sure that those places are hygienic, thus preventing contamination by pests. Do not deal with pests alone. Call 954-924-2471 and schedule a free home inspection.

Commercial Pest Control Services

While you’re working in your office, some tiny insects are in the same room destroying your walls. In some cases you or one of your employees may be allergic to their venom, making it impossible to work in peace. How can you concentrate under such conditions? Pests are not only found in nature jumping from flower to flower. They are also found in commercial buildings. Those include restaurants, schools, and even hospitals. 

If not eliminated immediately, the population of insects can double in a few days. This could create a bigger problem and need major work on the premises. Commercial facilities often don’t have time for this kind of lengthy intervention. It also hurts the company’s budget. To avoid this, it is best to consult a Fort Lauderdale pest control company


When Hiring a Commercial Pest Control Team

Do you want your business to have the best possible commercial pest control? Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Get a quote. Compare the prices of five different companies. This will allow you to choose the most realistic price. 
  2. Find out what the time frame is. Even if you want to keep your business running, even a small reorganization will be necessary. 
  3. Ask for references. Keep in mind that you give full access to your workplace.


Rodent Control can make you healthier 

Many people ignore that rodent control has health benefits. If there are rodents in your office or shop, you must act fast. They bite everything they come across on their way. They can also be carriers of many diseases. They can be difficult to drive away because they adapt to different conditions. They are not afraid of cold or heat. They also cope well with the lack of food, because they eat everything. They can bite through the wires and then neither you nor your employees will be able to work. This is a big waste of time and money for your company. Our grandmothers used simple methods such as cats or traps. Today, you can call in a specialist company to solve the problem for you in a fast and efficient way. 


Bee removal for a safer work environment 

The most popular way for bee removal is to buy a ready-to-use product in a supermarket. But do we want to spoil the atmosphere with chemicals? There are many ways to repel insects without disturbing the work environment. For example, bees do not like the smell of eucalyptus, mint, and wormwood. But if you notice a wasp nest in the room, it is too late for scaring off methods. The removal of the nest is very dangerous so it is best to call on the help of a professional company. We remove bees so you do not have to! Ask about our No Kill Bee Removal

EC Pest Control is your Life Buoy


Pest infections are too often ignored. You need to realize that this is a state of emergency. If you think a commercial pest control company is not worth the money, I will remind you of one thing. Health is wealth. You shouldn’t wait. Contact EC Pest Control now. 

Best way to prevent pests in Fort Lauderdale

Best way to prevent pests in Fort Lauderdale


Nobody likes having his property invaded by insects or wild animals. It can be dangerous for all your family members and cost you a lot of money. Here are some examples of situations that need pest control in Fort Lauderdale.

  • bees’ nest
  • half dead rodents
  • unpredictable wild animals
  • termites invasion

Read more to discover the potential threats to pests and the best ways to handle them.

Bee Removal can save your life


I want to stress the urgent bee removal is. Many people ignore the presence of bees even though they are close to human settlements.  If a person with a bee venom allergy is present in the household, they will react with an anaphylactic shock. The person can die on the spot. Destruction of the nest of bees is an action that should occur right after you identify the danger.

Rodent Removal to Avoid Major Health Issues


Most of the rodent removal substances contain an ingredient that mummifies the animals. This helps to limit their spread. But some rodents are more resistant to the poison and don’t dry out.


It also a major biological threat as flies start to develop inside the rodent. Those can cause:

  • stomach disease,
  • blood poisoning,
  • pneumonia.

Call a company to collect the rodents. Professionals will hand them over to the appropriate disposal authority.

Wildlife Removal Doesn’t Mean Killing


Due to the emergency of the situation, it is tempting to proceed to wildlife removal without waiting for any professional intervention. For untrained people, it can be very dangerous. Specialized teams have the right equipment for this kind of situation. They also know the animals’ possible reactions and know how to counter them. Contacting a team of professionals is crucial for your safety and your health. But it can also help to avoid killing the animal. The poor creature may have ended up on your premises by accident. Professional services can help it return to its home.

The Importance of a Termite Inspection


Termite inspections are important, especially in Florida. Are you considering to buy a new property or want to renovate your current home? If the answer is yes, then it is important to have these inspections done. It can save you a lot of money.


Consider the damage that a termite colony could cause to your home. Treatments can be much more expensive. Especially at an advanced stage of invasion. You should spend a little more money upfront to ensure that the area is termite-free. If they are present, an inspection will locate them before the situation deteriorates. This is the best long-term solution.

Still not convinced? Ask EC Pest Control!


If you find yourself in any of the above situations, seeking help is the best thing to do. Your health and safety is the company’s priority. EC Pest Control has trained staff, modern equipment, and valuable advice. Do not wait any more, and get rid of pests once and for all.

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