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A house is a valuable asset and also an investment in life. But how confident are you in terms of its’ actual value? We’re not talking about the price or how much money you’ve spent in acquiring the property but we’re about to discuss the overall condition of your home. After all, it is also your safest haven.

Surely you would choose a place that is undeniably clean and safe. Can you sleep soundly even you know that there is a certain part of the house that requires your attention? It is utterly impossibly to ignore rodents feasting at your kitchen, stinky bugs, creepy crawlies, earwigs, moths hiding at your closets and other pest infestations. Don’t let them invade your house. Never give them a chance to pass through your watchful eyes, wreck your home and bring risks to your family’s health. Choose only the best and most reputable Pest Control Boca Raton Company, the EC Pest Control!

What Makes us the #1 Pest Control Boca Raton Experts

Tired of having second-rate pest control service? Time to end your worries and don’t let yourself be left out in experiencing the high-quality workmanship with 100% guaranteed satisfying results! Seems like it’s too good to be true? Actually it is possible if you’ve got us by your side!

EC Pest Control Boca Raton Company has been servicing homeowners and various commercial businesses over the years. Since the day it has been established, we have handled all kinds of pest problems both on residential and commercial settings. With our unparalleled experience, we have been the leading and most trusted name in this industry for the entire Boca Raton area. Our reputation and belief in a clean, safe and pest-free neighborhood makes us the #1 choice by many.  

Specializing in crafting strategically-designed solutions, you can expect the most efficient methods and techniques that are ideally fit to your pest problems. Utilizing the latest equipment and advanced technologies, we will drive those pests away and cater to your needs.

Our general service covers the following:

  • Termite Solution
  • Cockroach Solution
  • Rodent Solution
  • Bed Bug Solution
  • Mosquito Solution
  • Fly Solution
  • Ant Solution

Let us know the insects that you want to get rid out of your homes and we’ll do the rest. Our approach is flexible for every home. We’ll find the root cause of the pest and termite invasion. We also use green and environment-friendly products that are proven and tested safe. With our team of experts, you can be assured that your home is in good hands. Each of our staff and technicians are not just certified professionals but are also backed up with incomparable experience and extensive knowledge. Choose from our wide-range service options that are very ideally flexible with your most convenient time and price rates you can afford!

You can count on EC Pest Control. We will protect your home like our very own. Don’t let the pests rule over your home. With our service, we’ll bring back the confidence and happiness. So let the ultimate pest control service manage your worries! Plus you can reach us 24/7 as we are always ready to assist you with excellent customer service. Take advantage of our free estimate and free quotation. Make an appointment today to get the happiness and pest-free assurance you deserve. Contact us now!


Pest Control Miami

Best Pest Control Miami

How do you envision your dream house? Is it big and a luxurious type of home? Or perhaps you wish to have a cute and cozy home? Houses may vary depending on the preference of the people who reside on it however, they all share one thing. No matter what size or style, all homeowners have one common goal when it comes to home maintenance; and that it is always to have it clean, safe to live in and of course pest free!

Aesthetic attributes of a house may just go to waste if there are pest, termites and other hazardous elements living in it. The beauty of your home can potentially be ruined if you don’t know how to maintain it with proper cleaning and home care methods. Being lenient with your responsibilities when it comes to your sweet haven is the biggest mistake one should never ever let happen.

Just imagine how you can comfortably sleep at night knowing that there are unclean areas at your house? The dark and unsanitary areas along with the parts of your home you might have forgotten to clean and maintain might turn out to be a secret hideout or a favorite hangout spot of unwelcome creatures. We’re not talking about ghosts and other mysterious element you might heard from paranormal shows.
When the reality of pests strikes, who do you need to call? Not the Ghostbusters but professional pest control experts!

Experience the True Meaning of Home

Don’t be a stranger in your own home. Are you always scared that something will show up somewhere in your home? Do feel you don’t have enough time to clean your home? Excuses are not enough to justify the existence of pest at your home. Yes, you are responsible but we understand how things can be quite overwhelming so there is nothing wrong about seeking a reliable helping hand.

The pest and termites can cause serious problems for you especially in your family’s health. The longer you let those unwelcome guests wreak and create havoc in your sweet haven the higher the chance of spending much more on maintenance and repair cost. So why wait for things to get worse when you can take quick and thorough action? Best hire the #1 Pest Control Miami Company – which is us, East Cost Pest Control!

As the ultimate Pest Control Miami experts, you can count on us for everything that worries you. We are committed to help you acquire a safer and cleaner home. With our strategically-designed pest control solutions, you are provided with unparalleled service. No empty promises, no dramas, no false advertisements and long vague negotiation talks. What you’ll have is honestly customized service that is reliably tailored to whatever you need.

We are more than just a pest control company because we treat your homes as if it is ours. With our unbeatable service, you can expect the following:

100% Guaranteed Safe and Secure for Everybody’s Health

Pests particularly the rodents and bugs are carriers of various infection and diseases. If you suspect rodents, roaches and other pests or insects are living with you, give us a call and we’ll inspect your property to see how we can solve the cause of your worries. Never compromise your family’s health. Protect your home by having a regular pest control.

Prevent Destruction of Valuables

Termites, carpenter ants, carpet beetles and silverfish are just few of the creepy crawlies that can destroy your home. These insects and bugs live in and under your belongings like books, carpets and pillows without you noticing them. Most termites live in wood doors, ceiling and hidden areas of your home where you will only know when that particular place falls off because they have eaten it already. Pest Control professionals can conduct full inspection to all the corners of your home.

Protect Your Food

There are disgusting intruders in your house that are just waiting to attack your food and other perishables. Make sure that you keep an eye on them thus secure your health as well.

Live a Stress-Free Life

Pests and rodents make everyone wretched. Surely no one wants to wake up with roaches feasting on the kitchen or termites eating your blouse or book, right? Pest control service will help you live a happy and stress-free life!
Seeking professional pest control services can save you a lot – with time, money and of course for the sake of your wellbeing. Though we care for your home and valuable, we greatly prioritize your health so our procedures and cleaning solutions are designed not just to save but protect as well!

Professional Pest Control Company, Miami

East Coast Pest Control is the right pest control solution for you. Our services are the ultimate weapons to fight against bugs, rodents and termites. We have been the partner of many Miami homeowners in which we’ve secure and successfully provide a pest-free neighborhood.

We take pride in taking the lead in pest control industry. Over the years, we built an unshakeable reputation as we stand out with our unbeatable service. Every customer and clients’ needs are carefully considered and analyzed in order to custom-tailor the solution ideally suited to solve the problem. Compared to other companies who advertise various solutions, we make sure that you are part of the process. How? We’ll let you know what could be the cause of your house problem and truly understand how we’ll fix it for you. Our free inspection will determine which pest lives in your house and will advise you of the right pest management service suitable.

Generally, our Pest Management Service covers:
Termite Solution
Cockroach Solution
Rodent Solution
Bed Bug Solution
Mosquito Solution
Fly Solution
Ant Solution

Our pest managerial experience has been established for over 30 years and still counting because of the continuous trust of our clients. We aim to solve all the pest exterminating needs with our dedicated exterminators and high-standard equipment. Being a full exterminator company, we focus in interior and exterior pest-control for both residential and commercial properties. We employ only the best so rest assured you’ll be assisted with our highly trained and certified technicians.

Amongst other pest control companies, we care more. We treat every home of our clients as our own. We make sure that everyone who seeks for our help will receive the rightful answer and solution. With incomparable experience, backed up with extensive knowledge and utilizing only the latest equipment, our service is fast, thorough and in most affordable rates. As we clean, fix and restore your home, we’ll also provide you basic knowledge about the pests and termites. We’ll guide you on how to determine early signs, maintain your home, terminate the pests and most importantly teach you simple techniques along with small yet powerful countermeasure to prevent them from mass-producing.

We know how important it is for you to keep your house safe, clean and free from pests. So don’t hesitate to call for our assistance. We offer reliable, transparent and flexible pest control solutions together with reliable customer service. For 24/7, you can reach us particularly in your most crucial moments! We care much on providing high-quality results so we have always applied our expertise on hundreds or countless number of homes. We restore their happiness and contentment back in their lives. So let East Coast Pest Control shows you how experts handle the job. Just like the countless families and commercial settings we have efficiently and successfully served, we would love to save yours too!

Learn more about how you can ward off pesky pests with the #1 Pest Control Miami! Give us a call for a free consultation. Take advantage of the free inspection. We guarantee that you will receive satisfactory results.

How to Prevent Pest Infestation at Home

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Have you ever experience to be visited by unwanted visitors? A visitors that you mostly hate, a visitors that is so irritating and a visitors that caused bad effects not just in a home but in a household member as well.

Obviously, those visitors called none other than “Pests. We know most of you would agree and will admit how difficult it is to remove all the insects that are bugging you throughout day and night. Thus, pests are everywhere. It can be seen in your backyard, inside your home and in every place you will go.

Many people were victims of pests infestation. They mostly attack crops, furniture, carpets and even in a food you are eating. It caused you bad effect on your health, can ruin your crops, furniture and all. They defined as the smallest yet the most terrible and annoying creature.

Unfortunately, you cannot terminate them all in an instant. Even though there are many kinds of pest control solutions yet only few are effective. Well, it is so hard to remove all insects, bugs, flies or any kind of pests in your place, specifically in your home but you have the privilege to prevent it.

Always Investigate

I bet that you are now thinking of how you will prevent all those insects in your home. So, here’s are some tips for you to avoid pests infestation in your home.

  1. You should know how pests affect your health and it can ruin your house furnitures. So, don’t stop to remind yourself each day that you need to prevent pests infestations for the sake of your health and also the health of family members.
  2. The necessary and easiest way to do is to keep your house clean because pests mostly lived in a dirt or in an unclean area. Most often, they could also be found in a water pollution such as canals and many more. It’s time for you to roam around your house and to check if your house is located in a safe area and far from the polluted area.

Maintain the cleanliness of your house

However, keep your house clean always, this is the best thing to do in preventing pests infestation.

  1. Check your house if there are holes that could possibly be an open door for pests to enter your home. Then, seal it right away! Never allow rats or any kind of pests to come into your home.
  2. You can use “humidifiers” in moist areas to make the place dry. Of course, moist areas are prone in pests infestations.
  3. The most common way to prevent pests infestation or to terminate all insects inside your home is to use a different type of pests controls. These three can be bought in any grocery stores or supermarket.

Pest Control Solutions

Here are the types of pests control solutions:

  1. Repellent
  2. Spray
  3. Traps – also called “snap traps” or “stick traps” which is also called “glue traps”.

Thus, if you are lacking in time to do all these things then there is another solution for you. Do you know that it is available now to find a pest control solution by using the internet? Well, yes, it is absolutely possible. There’s an online pest control which provides you with a professional pest guard extermination services that will rescue you from pests infestation like Pest Control Weston Florida. That’s why pest management services were made to help you to remove all the insects that are bugging you.

How cockroaches multiply?

How cockroaches multiply? How often are these cockroaches really multiply and lay eggs?

The word cockroach is derived from a Spanish word Cucaracha which means crazy bug. And getting rid of them is not easy and you’ll end up thinking they’re rapidly multiplying.


Reproduction Cycle of a Cockroach

The truth is cockroaches multiplies rapidly. Female ones can produce between 200 to 300 offspring or 6 generations a year. However, the number of eggs a single roach can reproduce depends from species to species. Female cockroaches carry its egg on its abdomen. They carry it until the egg is ready to be hatched. These newly hatched roaches are usually bright, white nymphs. And they develop into fully grown adults within 3-4 months. This only means that cockroaches can invade your home quickly which may grow into an infestation.


How to get rid of Cockroaches?

One of the best ways to prevent cockroaches from infesting your home is by keeping your place clean. More over cockroaches are attracted to garbage, so, always clean your area and dispose of your garbage properly. But if they have infiltrated your home, use a cockroach repellent spray. Spray it to places like cracks, corners, appliances, and crevices where they are likely hiding. Cockroaches like warm conditions especially areas that exceed 70° Fahrenheit and they love dark places.


Diseases carried by Cockroaches

These are some of the diseases carried by cockroaches:


  1. Salmonellosis
  2. Typhoid Fever
  3. Cholera
  4. Dysentery
  5. Leprosy
  6. Plague
  7. Campylobacteriosis
  8. Listeriosis


In summary, spotting cockroaches in your room can be disgusting. Always keep your home clean for a healthy environment. If you need some help in getting rid of these pests, just call for the best pest exterminator Fort Lauderdale. Here at East Coast Pest Control and Fertilization, we guarantee to bring the best pest control Miami Services. Our goal is to provide outstanding services like rodent control Fort Lauderdale, termite treatment Fort Lauderdale FL, and more. Call us now to experience the best Miami pest control.

How to Spot the Signs for Apartment Pest Infestation?

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Apartment living is considered by many people to be the lifestyle trend of the future. With its’ advantages, it generally provides affordability and flexibility to people wishing to have the ability to live, work and play without too much of a hassle especially in terms of traveling to far.  It has become an attractive living option because you wouldn’t have to commute just to go to work or school. Plus apartment complex offers easy access to many establishments such as restaurants, malls, grocery stores and other shops.

Unfortunately, the multifamily nature of apartment buildings also has its’ disadvantage. You tend to share a lot with your neighbors such as a hearty sweet pie or even the noise through the walls or floor.  But did you know that you can also share pests?

Due to the close proximity of the units, it is among the tough structures for pest control. That is why we have compiled 3 major signs that will help you avoid pest infestation!

Sign #1: What you put inside your apartment matters.

It is nice to have a great interior design and furniture for your apartment. However, no matter how alluring and seems to be a perfect fit, it is important to carefully inspect every furniture. Especially if it you want secondhand items, you must check them first to be sure that it doesn’t harbor powder post beetles, bed bugs or other pests. Regardless of the beauty and the price of a home décor, it is always necessary to put your safety (and your family’s as well) as the top priority.

Sign #2: Check for clues.

Pests are actually good in hiding that is why it is important to be keen and have sharp eyes when it comes to looking for clues or marks that shows proof that pests might be lurking in your apartment. Usual clues can be found at the window ledges, behind appliances in the kitchen or inside cabinets and even bathroom sink.  Check for pest droppings as well, even though it may sound gross but it is better than to be sorry for not dealing with it sooner. Pest also gives off recognizable smells like sweet musty odor from bed bugs and oily odor that’s comparable to fecal soy sauce when it’s from roaches. Keep an ear out for any scratching on the walls or the pattering of rodent’s feet. In case you notice holes or gnaw marks, it is a strong giveaway of infestation.  So do some research to learn how to identify the pests and their habits.

Sign #3: Be Cautious.

It is imperative to have a general pest proofing. Simple to-dos are to check packages because pest may hitch rides inside delivered packages especially if they are cardboard boxes. At any point of your travels, you might also pickup pests from hotels or even your mode of transport and unknowingly bring them home. So before you store your suitcases away, try to at least vacuum them. If there’s a smell of garbage, it will surely attract pests so make sure to dispose them properly in a regular basis. From windows, counter tops, floors, pantry, bathroom and even your pet bowls, you must routinely check them. Make time to thoroughly clean your unit.  

As long as you follow these tips, you’ll have a good start of handling the pests. However, nothing beats professional pest control service. What you want is to have a reliable pest control company that can guarantee you 100% best solutions for pest extermination needs and that is us – East Coast Pest Control and Fertilization! For over the years, we have provided unparalleled service all across Fort Lauderdale; plus even Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County!

Let us show you how you can have a stress-free and conveniently pest-free apartment-living. After all, we are the experts you need. Contact us today and get to enjoy free inspection!


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